Celebrating Hand Therapy Awareness Week

2 Jun 2021

June 6th - June 13th is Hand Therapy Awareness Week!

This week we celebrate Hand Therapy Awareness Week. Hand therapy is a critical part of the recovery journey for many patients with an injury to their upper limb.  Form elbows to wrists to fingers, hand therapy can help build up deficits in the upper limb that might be lingering from an injury or a surgery.  Our team of Occupational therapists are passionate about this area of occupational therapy and are always eager to return patients to their meaningful occupations.

Occupational therapists are trained to identify occupational imbalances in a patient's life.  An upper limb injury can cause major disruption to occupational engagement and patients can feel drained physically and emotionally.  Working within the scope of hand therapy, our team of OT's can help patients work through these issues effectively to help improve their quality of life.


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