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Lymphoedema is abnormal swelling that generally occurs in one of the arms or legs. Sometimes both arms or both legs swell. Lymphoedema is most commonly caused by the removal of, or damage to lymph nodes as a result of cancer treatment. This causes a blockage in the lymphatic system (which is part of your immune system) preventing the lymph fluid from draining well, thus leading to fluid build-up and swelling.

Lymphoedema can be managed with early diagnosis and diligent care of your affected limb, including self-management techniques and the fitting of compression garments.

All HULC therapists are trained in the prescription of custom made Jobst and Alvarex compression garments for the upper limb. Occupational Therapist Emma Simpson also provides a management service for patients with simple upper limb Lymphoedema in our Bunbury and Busselton clinics. Ellen Gulin provides this service in our metro clinics. Patients in the community who need ongoing management for their lymphoedema can be seen at HULC, who will then liaise with their specialist service for formal reviews.

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