Dupuytren’s Fibrosis Condition

Dupuytren’s Fibrosis Condition

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Dupuytren’s Fibrosis is a genetic condition where your fingers are pulled into your palm by thickening of the tissue under the skin. It is more common in men, people of northern European descent and onset is generally delayed until the 4th and 5th decade of life.

A referral to a surgeon is required for treatment. Consequently, HULC has set up a pioneering ‘Dupuytren’s Clinic’, the first specialist clinic of its kind, together with eminent hand surgeon Mr Jeff Ecker.

Our specially trained Dupuytren’s Fibrosis hand therapists run this specialist clinic to measure the hands every 6–12 months to detect progression or extension of the condition and intervene before there are major contractures. This way, people can have simple minimal intervention to control the disorder and delay or avoid major complex surgery.

Our specially trained therapists work closely with your surgeon to oversee and monitor your condition. We assist in post-operative management of this condition, including wound care, splinting, scar management and regaining movement.

HULC is active in researching the best surgical and post-operative treatment for this condition.

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